1800ltr effluent above ground cesspool elsan tank

asap septic tanks supply above ground septic tanks and they are extreamley strong durable long lasting made from mdpe with uv protected polymers 1800ltr effluent above ground cesspool elsan tank.they are designed to hold effluent from portable and temporary situations,they connect to porta cabins , and caravans, shepherd hutts and other cabins where mains sewage is not available and can be purchased and delivered quickly giving quick and easy connection and so providing the use of toilet and showering abilities on your site .this tank is made from strong mdpe moulded and has four carry handles two main 300mm emptying points and a 110mm brown sewer connection point which can be fitted with our fitting kit or standard pan connectors to acheive a sealed unit.an air vent kit is advised to let out any possible build up of effluent gas inside the tank as well as a digital alarm system to tell you when the tank is full. no planning permission is needed to install these 1800ltr effluent above ground cesspool elsan tanks.

1800ltr effluent above ground cesspool elsan tank is the liquid from flushing the toilet waste in the tank.cesspool means there are no run off for the effluent and must be emptied by a tanker when full. elsan tank is the part for chemical toilets in portable caravan cassettes and motor homes which need to be emptied and disposed of in the correct manner according to the environmental agency.the effluent tanks are chosen by the customer on size in both litreage and phisical measurements as the cesspool tank can slide underneath porta cabins and static caravans the 1800ltr tank is 450mm high and 2800mm long and 2400mm wide and its angled edges are ideal for the joining of two or three tanks together to make much larger systems.so no planning permission required as these are classed as a portable effluent system quick and easy installation {no digging} slides under your site office so space saving solution.The tanks require no planning permission as they are classed as a portable solution to effluent waste and when not in use the tanks can be stored on there sides to save space,easily transported and weighing only 150kg tanks can be moved when empty on a small transit flatbed truck or placed on a trailor behind a car

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