asap septic tanks provide perforated pipe systems to suit your needs and requirements and are always available to advize on the correct product for your soakaways perforated twinwall products are supplied in 3mtr and 6mtr lenghts and vary in width from 110mm to 600mm.used in the construction of both domestic and commercial soakaways and as carrier pipes for storm water situations.large culvert drains and agricultural drainage and making gateways across dykes and storm water channels and thes versatile pipes can be used in drainage systems for road construction and fit to storm water road gullies on motorways and roundabouts to keep them clear of a flood situation.different size pipes for differing amounts of storm water and the size and strenght of the pipe dictates the depth that these pipes can be buried underground,flow levels of water should also be taken into account when deciding on pipe connect the pipes together a rubber seal and coupler is fitted  with other parts available for the system such as tees , bends , y junctions and reducing couplings.twinwall pipes can be fitted with small or large diameter flap valves which allow water to empty to a main river coarse but then close to stop storm surge or tidal rivers and waterways refilling the pipe in the wrong direction.the construction of twinwall pipe is a smooth inner coating made from recycled polypropalene materials and then an outer ridged coating is applied for strenght also made from recycled polymers and coated with a plastic finish,twinwall pipe is very robust in its construction because it has to be able to withstand ground pressures and should always be back filled with the suitable media component for the size of pipe.when used as a carrier pipe for storm water or collection of water from a land area both full perforated twinwall or half perforated pipes can be used.

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