90mm x 40mm induct insulated cold water protection ducting system.

asap septic tanks are pleased to announce they are now stocking this fantastic fully pre- insulated polypropylene coated 90mm x 40mm induct insulated cold water protection ducting system. The induct system is designed to protect cold water supply pipes from damage at the first installation of the pipe to the domestic or commercial property and its superior insulation qualities will stop the cold water supply from freezing up threw the winter months .induct is designed to protect your cold water supply to the water authority regulation when the minimum depth of installation 850mm cannot be acheived. the induct system can be purchased by the mtr in lenghts up to 100mtr and can also be fitted the end caps for 25,32 40,50 and 63mm water pipes.the induct end caps also protect the insulation from rodent attacks and seal each end of the pipe underground on the entry to your property. induct insulation is fully built into the hard recycled polypropylene outer casing and cannot be removed it is ideal for under ground installation of all types of pipe rainwater harvesting, copper pipes to garages and outbuildings and just for its protective properties against frost is ideal above ground for pressure washing lines, car wash installations anywhere there is water you can use induct cold water protection system it comes in two different sizes 90mm outside diameter x 40mm hole size for pipe and , 125mm o/d x 63mm hole size for pipe.cut the induct to the correct lenght and then push your water pipes threw the centre of the pre-insulated hole fit the correct size end caps then make the connection at each end back fill the trench and lay the correct indication tape finish the backfill procedure induct done .induct cold water protection system can be used with barrier pipe installations for contaminated land and can be fitted between water chambers and multi port connection points in factories , dwellings , flats ,and commercial outlets, this induct product can also be used on district heating projects.choose the new induct cold water pipe protection and be frost free this winter .


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