Above ground bunded effluent wastewater storage tanks.

Above ground bunded effluent wastewater storage tanks makes far away site work , for example new road building projects and larger new home building sites easy for companies to provide the correct health and safety and welfare for their employees. These tanks vary in size to your requirements , no planning permission required as the tanks are classed as portable item. with 15000ltrs of storage available each tank can provide cover for 20 employees for a month or there abouts.

The tank is made from strong mdpe and uv protected polymers and these tanks are also bunded so are very safe to use from an environmental veiw point, shut off valve access points for sealed emptying and flange pn16 connections means these tanks are very robust in construction and in there use on site. The above ground bunded wastewater effluent storage tanks also are fitted with a manway access point at the top of the tank and air vents to make sure of gravitational flow of liquid and prevent tank from being sucked flat when emptying is in process.

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