above ground septic tanks and effluent holding tanks

Here at asap we are proud to provide above ground septic tanks in four different sizes,this gives a full range of above ground septic tank and effluent storage capabilities for a large range of customers with varying domestic and commercial uses.above ground septic tanks and effluent storage tanks are made from uv protected polymers so as the tanks dont fade in colour in sun light.extremely strong and long lasting life expectancy and fitted with two 300mm emptying points and two 110mm inlets these above ground septic tanks can be fitted to a unit in minutes at any building site cabin or temporary caravan living accommodation.mini , jumbo ,tuffa and rhino tuff tanks have varying heights from 400mm to 510mm which allows them to slide underneath adjustable leg buildings.effluent waste storage and holding tanks do need emptying when full by a sewage haulage contractor but do not need any planning consent as they are classed as a temporary and portable solution to toilet and effluent waste .when planning your site you need to know ,how many people you are catering for and the usage per person in ltr per day,this will enable you to decide how large or small your above ground septic tank system needs to be.tanks can be linked together to make much larger capacities and so cater for larger amounts of either work force or at specific events you are planning.
when you have a weekend event only in different parts of the country you can store the above ground septic tanks on there sides for space saving and the mdpe construction allows you to fully clean out the units with a pressure washer for example.so in any portable or temporary situation above ground effluent ,elsan ,cesspool ,septic tanks can provide the ideal solution to your liquid and toilet effluent waste.

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