The Advantages of Installing a Polybed Soakaways

To manage a building or property development project efficiently, it is important to minimise the number and complexity of operations which must be conducted on-site.  Read on to discover the many advantages of installing a Polybed Drainage System supplied by ASAP Septic Tanks at your development.

Any on-site construction operation, especially those involving groundwork, will involve certain factors which must be controlled if the project is to move ahead efficiently.  These may include labour in terms of man hours, plant costs, and the physical disruption and potential health and safety issues resulting from ongoing work.  The use of pre-fabricated building components is a strategy which has proved very effective in the construction industry over the years.  For example, having roof trusses assembled at a factory and brought in as complete units has many advantages over traditional roofing methods: factory production means improved uniformity of components; time spent working at height is vastly reduced, as the trusses are simply craned into place; since assembly takes place away from the main site, disruption to other aspects of the project is kept to an absolute minimum.

With the use of Polybed Soakaway products, similar advantages are now available when installing land drainage and septic tank soakaway systems.  Polybed Soakaway Pipes arrive as complete units, requiring no loose quarried aggregates.  Installation is simply a matter of digging a trench, dropping the pipes in an clicking them together.  The light weight of the filling materials means each 3m section of pipe can easily be handled by one person – in fact, with the appropriate plant, the while process can be completed by a single operative if necessary.  Once the pipe is in place, the trench is back-filled, and the operation is complete.  Both the area of ground which must be excavated and the time involved are significantly reduced, and therefore so are the risks associated with open groundworks.  Also, it is no longer necessary to handle and store many tons of hardcore as a filtration medium.

Polybed Soakaway Products from ASAP Septic Tanks

Polybed Soakaway Pipes are manufactured by surrounding a perforated plastic pipe with a synthetic aggregate wrapped in polyethylene netting.  The synthetic aggregate is recycled expanded polystyrene, which offers an alternative to traditional drainage media in terms of absorption, but at a fraction of the weight.  Crucially, these pipes have been extensively tested in load bearing applications, and have proved to be suitable for use under roads, car parks, and so on.

Also available from ASAP Septic Tanks are Polyagg cylinders, which are the same as the above product but without the central pipe section.  Used in conjunction with Polybed Soakaway Pipes, they make it possible to provide effective drainage for even the most demanding locations in a lightweight, easy-to-install package.  For more information on these products, and the configurations which may be used for different applications, get in touch with our team today.  When you see how a Polybed Drainage System can work for your latest project, you’ll never go back.

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