Here at ASAP we have the parts available to solve your water , drainage and sewage problems, whether its a new build an extension maybe or barn conversions, camping and glamping or large caravan sites right down to one person toilet block.

your first port of call should always be your local water authority and the environmental agency websites or s. e. p. a  if you are based in scotland. Then call us for friendly advise and talk threw your project and how we can provide the best , water , drainage and sewage solutions.

water on site could be as simple as a stop tap or a full water storage and a booster pump for retaining consistent water pressure. stop tap chambers with full metering capabilities or maybe a repair kit for a broken mains supply.

septic tanks and soakaway systems are always a hot topic with the new rules for 2020 already causing people some head scratching , from a septic tank you must have the correct soakaway system installed for the size of your dwelling .YOU CANNOT DISCHARGE TO A DYKE OR WATER COARSE FROM A SEPTIC TANK .

ALSO you cannot use rain water storm crate systems on septic tanks.

Sewage treatment plant systems are now the favoured way of disposing of your waste water and sewage toilet waste from your own property to larger hotels and commercial properties.

Sewage tyreatment plant systems work by nutralising the solids and urine by passing threw filters and air blowers to turn brown waste into a clear water liquid which can then be either expelled from the system via gravity or a pump to water coarse or suitable soakaway system.

I cant have one of these systems ,you could look at a sewage pump station and connect to the mains sewer direct from your property. You must have 24hr storage for a sewage pump station if this is the only way of disposal, this means a minimum of 1250ltr pump station for the smallest dwellings and the size increases on the amount of bedrooms available.

You will need a company with the correct certification to connect the sewage pump station to the main sewer eg underground in the middle of the road.

Drainage systems should always be installed using kite marked pipe ,fittings and inspection chambers fitted on connection points around the property.

When it comes to rain water we should all think about the environment and where does the water go and what does it take with it . soakaways on your down pipes help to dispurse water into the ground rather than it adding to the sewer and road drainage systems.

storm crates can be installed to catch water underground and then it is slowly released as the ground dries out again these are ideal if you are building patios and drives etc etc .

if your building extentions or other farm buildings etc your planning officer may tell you how many meter cube m3 you need to install from the amount of run off water your new build is generating.

asap water, drainage and sewage solutions.

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