The Basic Elements of Rainwater Harvesting

Here at ASAP Septic Tanks, we are proud to provide our customers with rainwater harvesting systems. Covering Boston, Nottingham and Peterborough, we offer rainwater collection solutions to those within domestic, commercial and agricultural settings. Rainwater harvesting systems aren’t quite as simple as just having a water tank, so here we will go over some of the water tank options, as well as other basic elements of these systems.

Water Storage Tanks

Our 2500 litre water storage tanks are perfect for farmers, and are capable of being installed with a static base, as well as placed in a trailer for transportation. When being transported, it is then possible to use the water in these portable containers for spraying crops. Featuring a two inch stainless steel outlet, there are also smaller and larger sizes available depending on your needs. Our above ground water storage tanks can hold between 2,500 litres to 30,000 litres.


If you only require a small volume of harvested rainwater, for example, for use for a garden or greenhouse, you may consider our Raintrap non-integrated system. This option is easy to install, and is able to collect clearwater and offers garden irrigation with an automatic diversion for when the full capacity of the tank has been met. Made from GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic), it also has the benefit of containing a self-cleaning leaf filter. The Raintrap is available with a capacity of between 2,800 – 4,600 litres.


The Aquabank offers a capacity of between 1,000 and 6,000 litres, with a choice of five different sizes depending on your requirement. It is supplied with either a gravity or direct feed, with an optional header tank. These can be suitable for domestic areas that may have a ban on hosepipes, as well as areas that may be at risk of flooding. It is controlled with a pump system, and includes an in-line filter and shut off valve, as well as a 3m supply hose, and many other features.

Underground Waste Storage Tank

It is possible to bury this waste water storage tank up to 2.5m underground. It is able to hold 900 litres and is installed with a 110mm inlet, so that water may be slowed on entry. There are additional alterations you may be able to make, such as fitting risers to the turret, and for excess water, you can either fit a soakaway to the outlet, or fit an extra tank. 

Tank Cover and Frame

The tank cover is particularly useful to protect children and animals, whether in residential, commercial or industrial settings. It is supplied in a black bitumen with an individual locking key and can be fitted to new tanks or replace septic tank covers and frames. Fitted in a hinged lid allows you to open the cover, without having to lift the whole lid out of the frame. It is easy to fit yourself, but we are equally happy to offer our fitting service for this product.

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