The Benefits of Installing a Pre-Insulated Pipe System

Pre-insulated Pipe Systems

Constructed with an insulating layer and an outer casting, pre-insulated pipe systems provide high-quality insulation to maintain the temperature of the water running through the pipes, offering an economic and efficient solution for heating your home.

Insulated pipelines are supplied from 1 metre to 50 metres in length and laid underground in a depth of between 0.4 and 1.0 metres. The working life of these pipe systems is estimated at 25 to 30 years, after which they need to be replaced with new pipes.

The Benefits

Economic heating solution

Pre-insulated pipe systems are designed to prevent heat loss and are ideal for connecting buildings to external renewable heat sources such as heat pumps and biomass boilers. The extremely low heat loss achieved from these pipe systems means that hot water can be supplied into the buildings from the heat source whilst maintaining the water temperature, ensuring a high level of energy efficiency and saving money on running costs for the homeowner.

High flexibility

Pre-insulated pipe systems offer superior flexibility to most other pipe systems due to the flexible protected and pre-insulated polypropylene ducting in the pipes. This allows for easier and more adaptable installation options, allowing for good negotiation of cul-de-sacs, hammerhead turning or parking areas and existing in-trench services. Pre-insulated pipes provide many viable installation solutions, no matter how crowded the residential area.

Easy installation

Pre-insulated pipes are also lightweight for easy handling on site, allowing for a more straightforward fitting process. The high flexibility of these pipes allows them to be worked easily around existing buildings and natural features, making them an ideal solution for even the most congested of sites. This also enables the pipes to be installed with a minimum amount of disturbance to the local area, which is great for those who live on busy residential sites.

Who should I contact?

As one of the UK’s most trusted companies here at ASAP Septic Tanks, we are well equipped to supplying you with your own pre-insulated pipe system or to answer any questions that you might have for us.

We supply a range of pre-insulated pipes for a range of different sites and are dedicated to offering our customers a helping hand every step of the way should they need it. Whether this is by giving bespoke advice or by installing the system itself, our specialist staff are on hand to ensure that you get the results you need without compromise.

Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us and we’ll be more than happy to help in any way we can.

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