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Rain water harvesting for your garden, the rain angel comes in five different sizes starting at 1000ltr with leaf filter and integral pump system.
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The Latest Septic Tank and Sewage Treatment Rules

As of 1st January 2020, here at Asap Septic Tanks we are making sure to keep up-to-date with all the necessary rules and regulations. Today we’re going to pass on the latest rules for septic tanks and sewage treatment. We will outline the additional rules that  should be applied since the change has been implemented.…
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Check your drainage at times of heavy rain fall its a messy job sometimes but at times of heavy rain  ( LIFT YOUR MANHOLE COVER ) and make sure your drains are not blocked or worse back filling in the opposite direction of flow. ( please only attempt this if you are fit enough to…
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A flexible solution to protecting water systems,pre-insulated pipe systems come in twin or single pipe coils up to 50mtr in lenght.

Pre-insulated pipe systems are all WRAS APPROVED the outer hard protective casing filled with polyethylene foam protects and insulates the polybutylene pipe work and is fully protected and prevents heat from hot water pipes escaping through the wall of the ducting and so this pipe work retains the water temperature at point of use .

Then the water returns to the boiler system, because the insulation is so good fuel of any discription or boiler is dramatically reduced to reheat the water in the system .

pipe sizes start at 25mm single and go up to 160mm.

The smaller pipe systems can be joined using our transition couplings and larger pipework is usually electrofusion or butt weld fittings .

our systems are 100% fully recycled materials, complies to VOC , REACH AND WRAS .

Used in both heating and cooling applications, potable water certified , large range of fittings and bespoke fittings made to order.

Pre-insulated pipe systems are the logical solution for sustainable thermal energy distribution to schools, college , university , business premise ,and domestic heating projects .

To make your fitting process even easier we can produce and supply bespoke junctions and connections with valve chambers so when your on site fitting the system you only have to connect in straight lines  ie in and out of the bespoke junction you requested, this delivers speed and efficiency to your site work in maybe difficult weather conditions.

planning your full project, site visits can be arranged depending on forward thinking site applications, these deliver good sound advise and ideas to save your project time and energy savings.

v flex and valve chambers and pre- inslated pipe systems are 100% full recycled.


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Manage Your Domestic and Commercial Waste With Our Above Ground Septic Tanks

When residing or working in an isolated location off the grid, there are several services taken for granted in more urban and well-connected areas that need to be properly taken care off. This includes sewage systems; failing to take the necessary precautions and measure to safely and properly dispose of a property’s human waste can…
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