Check your drainage at times of heavy rain fall its a messy job sometimes but at times of heavy rain  ( LIFT YOUR MANHOLE COVER ) and make sure your drains are not blocked or worse back filling in the opposite direction of flow.

( please only attempt this if you are fit enough to do so )

check your drainage at times of heavy rain fall , its difficult when your at work and other things are happening but checking your drain covers could give you prior warning of blockage or flood event about to occur. Alot of water underground may well mean there will be alot of water above ground very quickly, as underground pipes can act as underground motorways for water and sewage filling the pipes and travelling at some speed and pressure .

an extra hour can make all the difference in some cases ( not all ) have your manhole keys handy in the shed hung up on a nail , hook, or bracket , we are all going to have more rain and flood warnings in the future , pre-warned is pre-armed and a lot of valued items can be saved if people are aware of the danger . please dont attempt to lift manhole covers without knowing the weight of each one first and please use the correct keys and lifting equipment if necessary.

if you believe the drainage system is blocked , call your local council or water authority and inform them of your discovery .

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