Clearwater Alpha septic tanks

Clearwater alpha septic tanks come in three different sizes 2800l ,3800l and 4600l  this gives a people range from 1 to 17 people useage. the tanks are spherical and manufactured from grp, strong light weight and chemically resistant and water tight supplied with a pedestrian cover and frame.

tanks are suitable for both concrete or gravel backfill installations on drier sites and where the water table is at a manageable level. fitted with 110mm inlets and outlets at a depth of 1mtr this gives ample fall of pipework from a dwelling to the tank at 1mtr invert.

The Alpha septic tank measurements below

2800l 2599mm deep x 2075mm wide 1- 5 people

3800l 2810mm deep x 2075mm wide 6 - 12 peolpe

4600l 2984mm deep x 2084mm wide 12 - 17 people

On clearwater alpha septic sherical tanks delivery is fre across uk mainland .

septic tanks need a soakaway system attaching to the outlet of the tank .

each soakaway system will be different as per tank and percolation test results.

to calculate the size of tank required you need to calculate the amount of bedrooms in the property  eg 4 and multiply this by 1.5 person per room = 4 x 1.5 = 6people so a 3800ltr alpha septic tank would be ideal for installation.

we always supply a full drawing and full installation guide with every tank supplied .

quick easy process on the website or feel free to call with any queries.

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