Clearwater Delta 1 sewage treatment plant system low profile

clearwater delta 1 sewage treatment plant system low profile dig and fully built in compressor unit makes a tidy unit when installed.The large primary reception tank for the untreated waste arrives at the delta 1 via differing invert levels from 450mm ,750mm or 1000mm invert.the seperation of solids and compressed air treatment as well as the integrated filter beds  biotec system gives an output that meets all eu and british standards for bdo and suspended solids as layed out by the environment agency and thus the treated foul water can be discharged to a water coarse. A water coarse is defined by having running water 24hrs a day 365 days a year this is not a dry dyke in summer.

clearwater delta 1 sewage treatment plant systems run on a gravity fed and gravity out dimension if you require assistance with a pumped outlet please call asap for help, you will need to know the height which the pump needs to lift the treated effluent water and the lenght of travel required to final outlet.

Made from strong GRP construction and is ideal for a high water table installation , all sewage treatment plants are supplied with a full drawing and installation guide to make your installation run smoothly.

Delta 1 sewage treatment plants still need desludgeing or emptying once per year the same as any septic tank or system you may currently have.

The cost of the compressor to run the delta 1 system works out at a light bulb a day equivalent in electricity.

So an underground clearwater delta 1 sewage treatment plant system means less depth of dig out less cartaway material and a low profile tank to match a high water table and performs to all the standards expected in this country for a trouble free life.

any queries please dont hesitate to call asap septic tanks.

Dont forget to measure your invert level in the manhole nearest the dwelling eg 500mm this will help when deciding the flow and which tank to order thankyou .

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