Everything you need to know about our Septic Tank Soakaway Kits

Septic tanks are an essential part of commercial and privately-owned spaces. They are crucial in ensuring a hygienic and pleasant environment, by disposing of sewage waste safely and sustainably. Here at ASAP Septic Tanks, we offer a range of Septic tank Soakaways kits that are fully compliant with all building and health and safety regulations. In order to provide you with a thorough understanding of everything we offer, today we will take a full look at our soakaways.

Who we are?

ASAP Septic Tanks have been providing customers across the UK with below ground and above ground sewage solutions for many years, through which we have gained valuable experience as one of the most trusted companies in the country. We value supporting British businesses, so we source the vast majority of our materials and component parts from within the UK. Our team of helpful and knowledgeable staff can offer you advice on any sewage related problem you may be facing, providing you with all the options available to you and suggesting the best move forward.

At ASAP Septic Tanks, we are passionately committed to making sure all our products are fully compliant with health and safety regulations, cutting no corners and making sure you are receiving the highest quality products for the price you pay. Whether you are looking for a rainwater soakaway system, septic tank soakaway or effluent soakaway kit, we have a fully regulation-compliant and safe range of products for you.

What we offer

Polysewer Products

Our Polysewer products offer an effluent soakaway system that is cheaper, more environmentally friendly, and more efficient. A polysewer consists of a smooth bore pipe, with percolation holes drilled in to allow water to disperse away into the surrounding soil, suitable for installation with your domestic or commercial septic tank.

Polybed Soakaway Kits

Polybed soakaway kits are a revolutionising product for the industry, that work by allowing any liquid that passes through them to disperse into the surrounding soil. Many customers opt for these over alternatives due to their lightweight and flexible materials, making them easy to handle and to install. They are highly cost effective, as they require a significantly reduced amount of gravel or stone. Polybed soakaway kits are fully compliant with building regulations A1, A2, A7, C1, C7, H2, H3, and H7.

Polyagg Products

Polyagg products are an excellent way to allow excess water and liquids to soakaway quickly. Our polyagg soakaway kit is perfect for areas affected by rainfall, making them suitable for use as rainwater soakaway systems. If installed below gutter downpipes, or near water-sodden land, excess water can be more easily dispelled. We also offer polyagg wall drainage kits, to allow rainwater to run off and disperse into the surrounding soil. These are compliant with A1, A2, A7, C1 and C7 building regulations.

A combination of the polybed and polyagg soakaway systems is ideal for those of you looking for foundation and retaining wall drainage. We offer a range of advice similar to this, specifically tailored to your needs – we might have answered your question already, which you can find on our FAQ page. Alternatively, simply give us a call at 01623 232240, or send us an email at sales@asapseptictanks.co.uk.

*Please note these products all pass environmental agency regulations for England and Wales and SEPA regulations for Scotland.

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