How To: Septic Tank Emptying

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Septic tanks separate water from solid material, draining off the effluent liquid into a soakaway and leaving the solid material behind. This means that septic tanks need to be emptied, and this should be done regularly. When it's time to empty a septic tank, you must use a licensed waste disposal company to do so. Scheduling regular times to empty your septic tank is essential. Many people leave it until the last possible time, which can cause problems that are expensive and time-consuming to fix. Working out how often you should empty a septic tank requires a little bit of maths.

Most septic tanks only need to be emptied once a year at the most. This is if they are being used properly, such as only having the maximum amount of people appropriate for the tank size living in the home. If more people than the recommended amount use the tank, it might need to be emptied more frequently. On the other hand, a larger tank than necessary could mean that it needs to be emptied of sludge less frequently. It might only require emptying every two years. If you want to find out how often you should empty your tank or which tank to buy, you need to know the capacity.

The capacity for a septic tank is usually worked out using the number of people or the size of the property needing to be served. According to regulations, the formula that should be used is C = 180P + 2000. C is the capacity of the septic tank, P is the number of people, and 180 is the recommended litres needed per person, per day. So the resulting number is the capacity of litres required. For example, a family of 5, C = (180 x 5) + 2000, comes to 2,900 litres. If a family of 4 has a tank this size, it should be emptied once a year. For a tank twice the size, it would need to be emptied once every two years. Or if the tank were only half the size, it would require emptying every six months.

Other factors might affect how often a septic tank needs to be emptied. For example, if there are lots of fats and oils building up in the tank, it can affect the system. This might mean that the septic tank needs to be emptied more often to prevent any problems with clogging. It also helps to install traps to catch any grease, which can be emptied more often than the whole septic tank. Using a sink waste disposal unit will also mean that a tank needs to be emptied more regularly. It's best not to use them if you want to avoid putting unnecessary strain on a septic tank.

Good septic tank maintenance will help to prevent any issues that could be difficult to fix. As well as emptying the tank regularly, it's also important to inspect it for any problems. Using a licensed company is essential to empty the tank and maintain it to ensure the job is done professionally.

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