Five Reasons You Should Consider an Above Ground Septic Tank

If you are thinking about getting a new septic tank for your home or business you may well imagine the tank to be underground and out of sight. However, that isn’t always the case, as many sewage tanks can be safely stored above ground eg under a porta cabin As specialist septic tank suppliers, here at ASAP Septic Tanks we are proud to offer a range of above ground septic, sewage effluent tanks.

There are many advantages to choosing to buy an above ground sewage tank over one of its underground counterparts. Here are just a few reasons why an above ground septic tank might be the right sewage solution for you.

Cheap and easy to install

One of the main benefits of choosing an above ground sewage tank is the reduced cost and ease of installing the tank. As these sewage tanks are situated above ground, they rack up fewer expenses in soil disposal and excavation.

Handily, you also do not need planning permission to install a sewage effluent tank above ground, meaning that you can crack on with installation without having to contact the council. All this makes above ground sewage tanks a convenient sewage solution.


Above ground septic tanks are made from UV protected polymers and mdpe, making them strong, light, chemically resistant and watertight – ideal for storing toxic or unsanitary contents.

If you have a particularly curious child and are worried about your tank accidentally being opened, these tanks can also be fitted with child proof lids. Being both hard to break and hard to tamper with, you can be sure that your above ground septic tank will have a long functioning life.


Above ground, sewage tanks are ideally suited for storing effluent waste temporarily. This means that they can be used industrially for large public buildings such as toilet blocks, kitchens or canteens, or at the rear of smaller holiday homes like cabins and caravans.


Above ground septic, sewage, effluent tank systems can be stored continuously when they are not in use. When they do eventually need attention, they’re easy to clean both on the outside and inside of the tank just by using a small pressure washer. Being so undemanding, these septic tanks are ideal for busy site owners.

Easily modified

Handily, above ground septic tanks are highly adaptable. If you need extra space, it’s possible to join tanks together to make one larger tank. They can also be fitted with handy attachments such as a high level alarm, an air vent system, or extra fill points.

Interested? Buy one today!

Hopefully, we have persuaded you of the benefits of above ground septic, sewage effluent tanks, so why not give one a try? We can supply all the necessary parts and have a fitting service available on request. We even offer free delivery to mainland England! Just get in touch with us here at ASAP Septic Tanks today by calling 01623 232240 or emailing We’d be delighted to get you kitted out.

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