Five Reasons to Trust in Grease Traps

Failing to protect your drainage pipes and systems can lead to big problems. Grease and silt are just a few of the hazards that drains can face as these materials can accumulate and be washed down in rainwater or wastewater. That’s why here at ASAP Septic Tanks we are delighted to offer our customers a wide choice of excellent grease traps and wastewater separators.

Owning the right grease and silt traps can not only offer you excellent value for money but can also give you reassurance that they won’t let you down. But why are these pieces of equipment so useful? Below, we outline just some of the reasons why grease traps and wastewater separators are worth looking into.

Useful domestically…

Grease traps are excellent for installation in kitchens and utility rooms. By installing them before the main sewer pipe, they will protect your septic tank or sewage treatment plant from clogging up with grease, fats and other waste. This will in turn protect the main sewer line from blocking, along with any soakaway pipes used to disperse liquid into the ground.

And commercially

Not only are grease traps and separators suitable for domestic applications, they are also ideal in commercial setting. Grease traps can serve an excellent purpose in hotels and larger catering outlets, along with collecting carwash waste in petrol station forecourts, garages and service stations.

Health and safety requirements

Grease traps help to prevent flooding and pollution, thereby protecting the local environment and wildlife. By catching the oil, greasy run-off, and soap suds that often comes with busy hotels or those working in the service industry, they also help businesses to fulfil their health and safety requirements, keeping both their staff and customers comfortable and the law satisfied.


Grease traps can vary greatly in size, ranging from 500L up to a mammoth 11,000 L of space. There are also five types of separators, made from either GRP or PE. Full retention separators are designed to manage rain flow in sites where short term flooding can occur, such as fuel distribution depots and scrap yards. True to their name, forecourt separators are best for station forecourts. No matter your business’ individual needs, there will be the right grease trap or separator for you.

European standards

Many grease traps and separators are tested and certified to perform to BS EN1825-1 standards. These are European standards regulating the standards of grease separators to make sure that they are uniform across the continent. That way you can be sure that your grease traps will function to their maximum ability whatever application you need them for.

Contact us!

We can offer expert advice and support for anyone looking to get hold of our grease traps and separators. If you are interested in learning more about our grease traps and waste water separators please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us here at ASAP Septic Tanks today. We’d be delighted to answer any of your questions and can direct you towards the right separator if you can’t find the one you are looking for.

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