Above Ground Septic Tanks

Since the vast majority of sewage and drainage systems are gravity based, most pipework and other related infrastructure is installed below ground level.  This not only keeps everything working as it should, but also means such installations are kept out of sight so as not to spoil the visual aesthetic of your home or garden.  But if a problem develops with your underground sewage pipes, it can be difficult to gain access to perform repairs and maintenance.  This issue can be even more pronounced in the case of off grid systems such as septic tanks and cesspools, where soakaways and other fixtures can occupy a large area.  For applications other than private homes, such as businesses and temporary installations, another solution may be preferable.

The alternative is to make use of an above ground septic tank system.  While the concept may be disconcerting to some, the facts are that above ground septic holding tanks are no more unsanitary than standard underground units, and they don’t have to be an eyesore either.  Potential benefits of installing an above ground septic tank include ease of access for maintenance and reduced installation costs.  Sites which often employ above ground effluent tanks include agricultural and other non-residential buildings, allotments, campsites & caravan parks, and temporary septic tank applications such as building sites and outdoor public events.

For camping and caravan site owners, an above ground septic tank installation may be an ideal solution to your sanitation needs as no planning permission is required.  Even at a location where land use restrictions prevent any kind of permanent infrastructure, above ground septic tanks mean caravan site owners can offer plumbed-in sewage facilities for caravans which need it, as well as on site toilets and showers, and cassette toilet disposal points.  Non-permanent camp site toilet blocks and static caravans are usually elevated by several feet, which allows effluent to run down by gravity to an above ground sewage holding tank on a low-lying part of the site.  When it’s necessary to run a septic tank pipe above ground, all the supplies you need along with friendly expert advice can be found at www.asapseptictanks.co.uk.

In the early stages of construction on any large building project, washing and toilet facilities must be provided for construction personnel and other visitors to the site.  There may be times when self-contained welfare units are insufficient for the numbers of people on site, or when a more long-term solution is preferable.  Installing a temporary septic tank above ground is simply a matter of connecting up the pipes from a temporary toilet block, and the parts of the system can be moved around the site as required.

As one of the UK’s leading effluent tanks suppliers, ASAP Septic Tanks can supply suitable plastic effluent tanks along with all the other hardware you need for such a system.  To find out more about above ground septic tanks for sale, or to enquire about above ground septic tank cost, contact us today.

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