Gully guard is the the first step towards preventing pollution to our watercourses as millions of gallons of run off storm water passes threw our drainage system each year.

GULLY GUARD sits unseen in our road gullies catching and filtrating silt sediment , nutrients , heavy metals and hydrocarbons preventing them from entering the drainage system.

Gully guard is made from recycled products so is itself very green and performs to an outstanding rate by catching and retaining 97.91% of pollutants that pass threw it and with another 1.92% being caught in the base of the existing or new road gully this equates to a staggering 99.83% total efficiency on both filtration and flow rate.

installation of the gully guard is simple two minute job and maintaining its efficiency is even simpler..

European water framework directive is driving forward actions to achieve good ecological and chemical status for all European waterways as well as the environment agency .

so we must all improve our pollution control and gully guard ticks all the boxes to a good start protecting our drainage systems whether they are public or privately owned.

The end result compiled the department of civil and structural engineers at the university of sheffield  was that a gully guard installed in an inline top fill storm water run off system was an excellent result and was very effective at capturing the majority of silt which would normally pass straight threw the gullies and into the watercourse.

If you are a house builder  , farmer , scrap yard owner the gully guard is a must have item for environmental protection and used as part of a sediment control system to ensure we all meet our waterway protection requirements.

Gully guards are available from asap septic tanks and can be purchased threw the site or you can pick up in store .phone for more details and we shall be pleased to help.

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