What is the Ideal Septic Tank Set-Up?

Installing a septic tank into your property can seem like a daunting prospect if you’re new to the industry, but here at ASAP Septic Tanks, we aim to make it a simple procedure for you. Septic tanks are the perfect sewage solution for keeping your home or commercial building’s waste stored in one place, ready for treatment.

Here is the equipment that you need to purchase for the ideal septic tank set-up from ASAP Septic Tanks:

The Septic Tank

Naturally, the first port of call is the septic tank. Here at ASAP Septic Tanks, we sell a variety of sizes to accommodate a number of people living in the home. For example, the 2800L model will hold enough waste for the equivalent of up to 5 people, whilst the large 4600L version can hold enough waste for up to 17 people.

The Soakaway

Septic tanks need a soakaway to be attached, in order for the effluent to run off. These soakaway systems are not to be confused with surface water soakaways, which operate purely to disperse water into the ground.

Sewage soakaways, however, serve a number of functions: soaking the septic tank liquid and, with the use of natural aerobic bacteria, removing the solids, bacteria and viruses. Only after this procedure does the water pass through into the ground.

ASAP Septic Tanks provide a number of soakaway options, including the popular Ezy Drain Soakaway, which can be used with the vast majority of septic tanks, treatment plants, French drains and retaining wall drainage systems.

Perforated Pipe

Working alongside the soakaway comes the perforated pipe, which comes available at the size most suited for your given set-up. In two widths – 110 or 160mm – simply speak to one of our advisors who can assist you with the correct purchase for your set-up.

Child Proof Septic Tank Cover

Ensure that no nasty accidents occur with the purchase of a child proof tank cover. This will also minimise any unpleasant odours from the tank, allowing you to live without the fear of bad smells – or fallen children!

Fitted with its own locking key, you can rest assured that your septic tank set-up from ASAP Septic Tanks is the safest configuration that it can be. The black bitumen-coated ductile iron lid can be fitted as a DIY product, or you can speak to us about having an ASAP representative install it for you on your premises.

There are many options when it comes to the configuration of your ASAP Septic Tanks sewage solution, which can only be ascertained through a conversation with one of our sewage specialists. Simply pick up the phone and contact us today on 01623 232240, and somebody can run through your requirements with you, discovering the ideal set-up for your household or commercial setting.

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