An Introduction to Polybed Soakaway Equipment

Storm water can be a useful resource but can also be very disruptive or damaging, particularly in the case of floods. That’s why it’s important to keep it under control.

One way that people can dissipate rain water safely is by using soakaway equipment, handy pieces of equipment that perform vital drainage functions for homes, commercial properties and industries. That’s why here at ASAP Septic Tanks, we offer a wide selection of polybed soakaway equipment for our customers to choose from.

Polybed soakaway equipment comes in a wide variety of forms including drain systems and sewer systems. But what exactly is soakaway equipment and how does each different form work? For those of you looking for more information, here’s all you need to know about soakaway equipment.

What is soakaway equipment?

Soakaways are circular cavities filled with artificial gravel known as polyagg, filled with beads or lined with brickwork. These cavities are then buried completely underground.

The porous nature of soakaways makes them excellent at reducing and treating storm water, along with assisting groundwater recharge. For this reason, polybed soakaway equipment can be great for domestic purposes and protecting your home from flooding. When grouped and linked together in larger numbers, they are ideal for draining large areas such as homes or highways.

Soakaway pipes

Polybed soakaway pipes are one of the main forms of soakaway we offer. As these pipes require no gravel and are lightweight, they represent an excellent cost-effective solution for garden or industrial projects. It is also possible to buy these in soakaway kits containing lengths as many as 26 - ideal for securing a six-bed property.

French drain

Designed with fully recycled polystyrene beads, French drain polybed soakaways also do not require gravel. These are best used to retain wall drainage in gardens, especially around older stone built properties, or for sports field applications such as tennis, golf, football and rugby.


Polysewer is a polybed soakaway product filled with polyagg for use with larger industrial equipment like septic tanks and treatment plants. Coming in 110mm pipe form, it can also be priced at 160mm size if required.

Advantages/disadvantages of soakaway equipment

Polybed soakaway equipment offers many advantages. Firstly, it takes up minimal space while offering good volume reduction and peak flow reduction. It is also easy to construct and operate, one of the many reasons it is ideal for domestic use. What’s more, it is an environmentally friendly option.

However, there are situations for which soakaways are not suitable. The simplicity of soakaways means that they are not suitable for poor draining soils or for handling heavy and prolonged wet periods. They also pose a risk in situations where infiltrating water might adversely affect existing drainage patterns.

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