January 2020 septic tank compliant ,If your septic tank discharges directly to a ditch ,stream or river and any other phrases relating to surface water drainage your tank will not pass the rules for January 2020.

Home owners and businesses alike that are discharging to any water coarse will have to , Either replace the septic tank with a sewage treatment plant or make a new soak-away drainage field for there existing septic tank system .

All home owners and businesses have a responsibility to comply with the new rules set by the environment agency and alterations or new tanks will have to be specified to BS EN 12566-3 or in the case of the drainage field to standard BS6297 2007 , you can also refer to the DEFRA website for more in depth insight to the new regulations .

A water coarse suitable for outlet from a new sewage treatment plant has to have running water 365 days a year, this is not a dry dyke or divert at the side of a field which only takes excess rain water 10 days a year.


1 Connect your property to a mains sewer  ( not always possible in rural areas ).

2 Install the correct drainage field for the size of your property , using our polybed drainage soak-away system.

3 Install a new sewage treatment plant eg clearwater E6 available on our website which is then piped to surface water drainage , ie river , stream etc outlet or add a new soak-away system if you do not have access to a water coarse.

4 If you are building a new property please revert to your planning permissions.

5 if your property is within 500mtrs of ,

1 special areas of conservation . 2 special protection areas . 3 Ramsar sites . 4 Sites of special scientific interest ,

you will need a permit to discharge to water-coarse.

1 200meters from an aquatic nature reserve and 50mtrs from a chalk river and local wildlife centers .

please contact your environment agency to verify these pointers and ask more specific questions that relate to your situation.

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