Looking at the Silver Lining with Rainwater Harvesting

It is the time of year, where the days are getting shorter, and a bitter chill sets in across the country. Sunny days are few and far between, and we get used to expecting more clouds and storms as we mourn the summer gone. Yet, if you have a water storage tank, you may be able to see that silver lining on each cloud in the sky as you could be benefiting from rainwater harvesting each time it rains.

How Much Water We Use

In England and Wales, Ofwat acts as an independent regulator for the water sector, recording just how much water we use. On average, we use a huge 153 litres of water each day for tasks such as washing, cooking, and cleaning. If you struggle to picture how this can be, there are a couple of key facts that can help you understand. If you wake up in the morning and flush the toilet before and after a quick three-minute shower, that is already 48 litres of water. So, you can see how it adds up. Our need for water isn’t going to go away, so we need to be mindful of climate change and the impact that this can have not only on our day-to-day lives, but also on the food production industries.

What We Can Do

If you’re thinking about rainwater harvesting, the chances are it’s because you care about the planet and the impact of climate change. When it comes to saving water, there are lots of little things that we can all do such as keeping the tap turned off when brushing your teeth, showering for less time, keep boiling water to a minimum, and doing things like steaming vegetables. However, we can also do something bigger by collecting rainwater in water storage tanks. It has been found that an average of 24,000 litres of water can be saved from the roof of each home each year by collecting rainwater in this way. Of course, this can be even more when considering commercial buildings or farm water storage tanks, in additional to domestic rainwater harvesting.

The Benefits of a Rainwater Harvesting Tank

Not only does rainwater harvesting help the planet by saving water, but it can even save you money. By capturing rainwater that falls on the roof, you can make use of fresh water from the sky and turn those rainy days into a positive action. The rainwater is directed to a central point through your existing gutters and pipes into a water storage tank that can be filtered on entry. It’s then possible to use a pump to deliver the water on demand and reuse it for jobs such as watering your garden.

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