pipe couplings in drainage and sewer connections

asap are a supplier of pipe couplings in sizes from 20mm to 600mm and larger for both water repair and underground drainage systems.pipe couplings from all the main leading brands are available with naylor band seal and mission couplings taking the primary place in quick easy drainage repair pipe couplings.the clay to plastic repair pipe coupling is made from flexible rubber and strenghtened on the joints via a stainless steel jubilee clip at each end and a large stainless steel centre band for continuous strenght and corrosion protection underground,multi flexible couplings with integrated bushes gives our pipe couplings the capability to fix clay to plastic ,concrete and twinwall pipes as well as repair and attach to many older aspestos drainage sewer lines.the twistee and genius multi fix coupling work with lateral connections and wall seals as well as the flexible underground pipe saddles which allow entry points to be created on existing underground pipes.
when fitting additional underground pipe couplings to a sewer line it is also a good idea to fit one of our nrv backwater non return valves as this will protect your new drainage line from back flow from the main sewer and so preventing a flood situation as the internal flap valve only allows water to flow in one direction.our main aim is to help fix underground drainage sewer and mains water connections in a way that is both efficient and cost effective.quick despatch of repair pipe couplings is the top of our list and either next day carriage service to your site or pick up in store options are available when it comes to service asap pipe couplings will do the job.extra wide standard couplings,bushes,wall seals,gully seals epdm rubber and easy-repair pipe coupling kits and pipe adaptors in the mac range wont let you down so call today and order from a huge range of pipe couplings.

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