Polybed polysewer drilled 110mm septic tank soakaway system

polybed polysewer drilled 110mm soakaway system for septic tanks and sewage treatment plant systems are multi efficient and fully recycled and fully compliant with building regulations h2,h3,h7.polybed polysewer drilled 110mm is a perforated pipe low flow drainage soakaway system for septic tanks and treatment plants both domestic and commercial it is fully recycled product and the pipe is bs en1401 and can be put together in 3mtr lenghts using en1401 brown sewer pipe fittings 110mm,this gives you the flexibility to build up a soakaway system that will fit the land available to you without moving sheds , trees , patios etc just build the underground pipe system around your existing objects.ideal for use in restricted areas example back gardens ,extremely light weight of 7kg per 3mtr lenght and made from recycled polystrene beeds to create artificial 40mm gravel at 100mm surround to the pipe ,encased in a tough polypropalene net and surrounded with a strong non woven geotextile membrane.polybed polysewer drilled 110mm also protects the envirinment as you do not need to use quarried gravel, the easy to lay ploybed polysewer drilled 110mm saves time and money and delivers a controlled infiltration of the effluent water discharge from any septic tank this soakaway system will suprise and delight in just how easy it is to install.polybed polysewer drilled 110mm should be installed after the septic tank and attached to a sample and distribution chamber it also advisable that you should use end caps on any open points to prevent any excess media entering the soakaway system. you should perform a perculation test to determine how many polybed polysewer drilled 110mm 3mtr lenghts you will require for the size of the septic tank soakaway you can lay the polbed polysewer drilled 110mm in a herringbone configuration or a grid system based on 3mtr suares or oblongs or just lay in one long trench.500mm minimum top cover soil should always be applied to any soakaway system

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