polybed soakaway.

Asap septic tanks are suppliers and stockists of polybed soakaway products which are made in the uk and are fully passed for use in the building regulations for soakaways from septic tanks and sewage treatment plant systems and for french drain retaining wall systems in domestic or commercial drainage situations.can be used for soakaways on sports fields ,tennis courts ,golf coarses and can be used to create a carrier pipe system for excess storm water surges.need a soakaway for down pipes from roof water installing polybed soakaway underground with a minimum 500mm top soil cover means your foundations stay dry as the excess rain water is removed from the side of your building and stored underground for the soakaway process to begin.each 3mtr lenght can store up to 200ltrs of rain water.you should always perform a perculation test to ensure you have installed enough polybed for your roof measurements and always include a 1 x 100 year storm calculation.

fully recycled product is 3mtr long and 300mm round with a perforated pipe in the centre of recycled polystyrene wich is moulded to replicate and improve upon standard 40mm gravel to a width of 100mm all the way around the pipe, this is held in place by a polypropalene net wich in turn is covered by a geotextile membrane to prevent backfill materials contaminating and mixing with the artificial recycled 40mm gravel.a simple click together system with 110mm brown sewer pipe fittings.each lorry load of polybed soakaways would equal eight loads of traditional gravel which makes polybed soakaway kind on the environment.light weight and easy to use each 3mtr lenght weighs in at 7kg so health and safety benefits are clear to see.

polybed soakaways are ideal for use in restricted access areas and can be installed by one person and a mini digger.polybed soakaways are cost effective,enviromentally friendly,and delivers a consistent void ratio of over 30% greater than standard gravel products.

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