Sewage Pumping Systems

Sewage Pumping Systems

Made in the uk. Sewage Pumping Systems and pumping stations ,domestic pump systems designed for homes , schools and business premises that are built below the level of the mains sewage system. This means that no matter where your property or premises is, you can depend on Clearwater to handle your pumping needs. They are used in connection with sewage treatment systems, septic tanks and rainwater harvesting systems.

The sewage pumping system is bespoke to your project and requires information from yourselves, how far are you pumping the liquid, what is the height or the lift you need the liquid to reach and how many people is the pump providing the service for.

An example would be , distance 45mtrs x lift of 5mtrs x amount of people eg 25. Do you need a solid lift pump a grinder pump or simply a water or effluent pump. All pumping systems can be fitted with alarms of differing kinds and the larger the devise required a full instrument panel and alarm system can be matched to your needs.

Our intelligent design process ensures that our pumping systems are quick and easy to install and require the minimum amount of maintenance.

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