Septic Tank Soakaway systems.

Septic Tank Soakaway systems.

At ASAP Septic Tanks, we supply a wide selection of Septic tank Soakaway kits and leach field products that comply with all building regulations . Polybed soakaway systems, Twinwall perforated pipe, single wall land drain , and half perforated 6mtr sewer pipes as well as the leading names in storm crates,and attenuation systems Rainbloc.

For septic tank and sewage treatment plant ,Soakaway – leach fields and herringbone systems are constructed by using the Polybed systems on the website, Polysewer is smooth bore pipe with drilled perculation holes for septic tank Soakaway fields and Polybed ezy drain which is also smooth bore pipe with slotted for sewage treatment plants available in a simple click together form and complies to H2,H3 and H7 Regulation.

For foundation and retaining wall drainage A1,A2 ,A7 , C1 and C7 you should use a combination of the Polyagg and french drain Polybed system, this saves time and money on installing drainage around both domestic and commercial properties with a massive 60% time saving and a superb result.

For surface water and roof water Soakaways and attenuation systems, STORM CRATES, and RAINBLOC underground storage systems are the ideal solution with 3.3 crates making 1 cube and  a 60tonne weight loading , you can easily work out the amount you need by the square mtrs of roof , driveway or car park you are catering for .Both land drain pipes and Twinwall perforated pipes in various sizes from 60mm diameter to 600mm both carry and disperse surface water and storm water run off to and from these systems. CRATES should never be used on any sewage system.

You may be unsure about some of our Soakaway items. We welcome any questions that you might have. Why not call us today on 01623 232240 for your water , drainage and sewage solutions.