10 x Drilled perforated pipe 6mtr


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6mtr Lengths BS Blown Socket Perforated Pipe


DRILLED PERFORATED PIPE used in septic tank soak-aways and rainwater situations all fittings are available to make a herringbone soak-away system 6mtr lengths and  en1401 approved

the use of perforated carrier pipes is not new but with this system with the drilled perforations pointing upward and surrounded with gravel the surface water can be captured within the pipe and carried to a destination of soak-away land were the drilled perforations then face downward and release the caught storm water to a designated sight before letting it soak away to land.  There are other pipes on the market and these are often  SLOTTED not DRILLED ,slotted all the way around a pipe can seriously weaken the pipe and thus result in a breakage underground without you knowing about it resulting in Blocked drainage fields.

if you would like larger quantity please call for assistance


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110mm, 160mm,


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