14 x RainBloc Storm Crates

RainBloc 2

£ 532.00 ex - VAT
£ 638.40 inc - VAT

Product Description


Storm crates are used in the management of storm water events like the country has suffered over the last five years. strong underground geocellular crates store water and release it slowly to ground levels as the land dries, the water level in the crate drops.

every building and developer and home ownwer should be up to speed with these sustainable drainage sollutions. storm crates should be wrapped in a suitable geotxtile material to prevent the void area from filling with soil type materials.

can be installed under driveways , carparks , gardens etc etc with its 60t weight loading suitable for hgv access.

so dig , stack and cover with 500mm minimum cover, alsorts of extras can be provided to make more job effortless.

95% void ratio,

300ltr per crate,

60 tonne weight bearing,

1200x 600 x 420 and 18kg each.

who needs them , everyone, call for the best service.



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