Alpha septic tank 2800l-4600l clearwater. FREE DELIVERY

CD 705 KMD SEPTIC COVER AND FRAMEperforated-pipesoakaway6bed

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Product Description

  • Manufactured from GRP - strong, light chemically resistant and watertight.
  • please call or send email for full drawing and installation guide.
  • Suitable for pea shingle gravel back fill for dry sites.
  • 2800ltr alpha septic tank measures 2599mm deep x 2075mm wide  with cover and frame 110mm inlet and outlet to soakaway system.
  • 3800ltr alpha septic tank measures 2810mm dee x 2075 wide
  • 4600ltr alpha septic tank measures  2984mm deep x 2084 wide
  • these septic tanks and all septic tanks must now be installed to 2020 regulations for soakaway, you are now obliged to have the correct building standard soakaway system when selling your house or fitting a new septic tank to an existing dwelling.
  • so on this website you can find the relevant parts to add to your septic tank order
  • child proof septic tank lids
  • road going 44tonne cover and frames
  • replacement pedestrian lids
  • all 110mm pipes and fittings you may require for your new tank.
  • building reg approved soakaway systems for new or older tanks.
  • sample and distribution chambers for your peice of mind
  • manhole bases , risers and covers for you to connect pipe before the tank.
  • we deliver all septic tank soakaways in person to your site.


Additional Information

Size (Ltrs)

2800 (Up to 5 Person), 3800 (Up to 12 Person), 4600 (Up to 17 Person)


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