Commercial Cesspool 12000L – 79000LTR 1MTR INVERT

underground silage liner tank 2800l - 79000ltr
underground silage liner tank 2800l - 79000ltrCD 705 KMD SEPTIC COVER AND FRAME110mm SS Sewer Pipe

From: £3,424.00


Product Description

commercial cesspools for caravan sites , agricultural uses large new developments where planning of waste effluent is essential .retail outlets and large commercial planning and developments or even just for the work force on site.

Additional Information

Size LTR

12000L, 15000L, 18000L, 22000L, 26000L, 34000L, 38000L, 46000L, 54000L, 59000L, 63000L, 71000L, 79000L,


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