Extra large pipe couplings

For concrete and twinwall pipes
For concrete and twinwall pipes

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Extra large couplings with extra width compared to the standard coupling range to fit pipe sizes from O/D 601mm up to 3000mm.

The size range is comparable and widths of coupling starting at 300mm.

made from full rubber and held in place by various sized stainless steel banding with a unique tightening pattern both on the outside edge and across the center of the fitting.

TOX-TECHNOLOGY Clinching process with no spot welds this allows smooth tightening and less binding when placing the extra large pipe couplings into a position where you able to finish the fitting process.

Extras wide and large couplings are made to order and are non returnable so please make sure of the correct O/D PIPE SIZE.

Please call to discuss your sizes and amounts on 01623 232240

asap water ,drainage and sewage solutions.


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