Grease trap nsg04-2000L – 11000L

grease trap seperator nsg-2000l
grease-separator-nsg04-2000lgrease-separator-nsg04-2000lCD 705 KMD SEPTIC COVER AND FRAME

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Product Description

2000L Grease trap separator is a must for restaraunts and cafe as it can be easily installed as part of the drainage system to ensure no blocked drains .

catches food particals and all grease and oils before they clogg your drains.

Risers available 500mm risers are available.

nsg04-2000l , nsg06-3000l , nsg09 - 4000l , nsg18-8000l  , nsg24 - 11000l


Additional Information

Size LTR

2000LTR, 3000LTR, 4000LTR, 8000LTR, 11000LTR,


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