ABOVE GROUND SEWAGE TREATMENT PLANTportapura-sewage-treatment-plant-annotated 2Y5portacabin stp 3

£ 2,535.00 ex - VAT
£ 3,042.00 inc - VAT

Product Description

Portapura above ground sewage treatment plant for 1 to 6 people in three different sizes.

priced from £2535.00 plus vat  3 sizes available. save thousands on install costs.

These units are designed and ideal for small work units ,caravans,holiday homes and small commercial yards where mains drainage to sewer is unacheivable. the standard of water treatment threw the unit is 25 times better than the recommended EN STANDARD.The unit can be used above or below ground with minimum dig 400mm.

Save on deep dig installation .

Tested for structural integrity in accordance with EN ISO 179-1/1EA

Fire resistant tested in accordance with EN ISO 11925-2.210

Environmentally sensitive with its CE APPROVAL TO BS EN 12566 , SPACE SAVING AND COST EFFECTIVE IN ITS DESIGN.

M2 person 2750mm long x 980mm wide x 415mm high. inlet connection 445mm. £2535.00 plus vat

M3 person 2050mm long x 1500mm wide x 600mm high inlet connection 685mm. £3080.00 plus vat

M5 person 2640mm long x 1500mm wide x 800mm high inlet connection 885mm £3460.00 plus vat

Nothing but a flat base is required for this this system and one electric socket for the compressor to an aeriation chamber within the tank .

Connect to your Portacabin or caravan with 110mm soil pipes and fittings .

everything from your temporary dwelling must go into the tank,sinks ,showers baths, washing machines and toilet waste.

The first stage of the tank catches all of the solids in the primary settlement chamber,then as the liquid moves threw the debris barrier it enters the second stage of the tank ,where the air diffusers and the internal re- circulation system treats the effluent before passing to the final settlement chamber and the tertiary water filter. Your effluent has now been fully treated and passes into the chamber where the outlet water is passed away threw a 110mm outlet pipe.The portapura sewage treatment plant is also vented to prevent a build up of unwanted gases in the tank.

You now have the standard choices which apply to all sewage treatment systems what to do with the outlet water.

no1  outlet to discharge on gravity to water coarse determined by the water authority and the environment agency.

no2  build a soak-away system to match your requirements .

no3  install a small pump station which could transfer the outlet water to wherever is deemed fit.

environment agency and water authority are now quoting 180ltrs per day per person in full living conditions but if your working its 50ltrs a day per person per day.this means in theory that you x the unit performance by 4 for working hrs example only.

shipping cost are dependent on post code areas.

Another problem solving piece of equipment supplied with asap,

water ,drainage and sewage solutions.

please call asap on 01623 232240 or send an email with your request and discuss further .












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