10MTR X 125mm x 63mm coil, induct insulated cold water protection ducting, 10mtr coil

insulated duct 40 x 90mm

£ 288.00 ex - VAT
£ 345.60 inc - VAT

Product Description

insulated ducting takes up to 63mm pipe work

price is per mtr click the box for your requirements,

delivery is 3-5 working days.

125mm o/d with 63mm hole width

comes on a coil and mtr of your choice

pre insulated cold water pipe protction system.

eg   50mm mains water blue mdpe,

simply slide your blue mdpe threw the induct 63mm hole and put into your trench.

fit end caps and connect at each end    = insulated cold water supply.

numerous uses from home to commercial and agricultural applications.

please call to discuss your requirements.

easy to lay strong yet flexible ducting .

end caps are available on the site.


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