French Drain Polybed


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A French drain has numerous other names, but is known as a type of drainage system, perhaps originating in France, but named after Henry Flagg French from Massachusetts, who popularised them. They consist of a trench, filled with gravel or rock, containing a perforated pipe. This pipe redirects any surface water and groundwater away from a particular area. The main purposes of a French drain are to prevent ground and surface water from damaging any foundations of buildings, or to distribute water within a septic tank sewage treatment system.

This French Drain Polybed is suitable for Saokaways of various purposes, whether for rainwater in gardens, sports fields, or children’s play areas. By using a Polybed as part of a French Drain, there is no need to use gravel as it simply clicks together to form a modern twist of the French Drain system. It is lightweight and simple to use, and designed with full recycled polystyrene blown beads which are designed to replicate the 40mm gravel of a traditional French Drain system. It offers 30% greater void ratio, allowing water to pass through the Polybed and away from the necessary area.

This product is particularly useful around old stone buildings, it can be a great product for church and barn conversions or for when building into a hill side. It contains a 100mm land drain pipe, so the water may be directed away from both the property and any cracking paths. So, if you’re looking for a French Drain Polybed for your surface water drainage, look no further than here at ASAP Septic Tanks.

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