French Drain Polybed


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Product Description

Suitable for Soakaways for rain water in gardens , sports fields tennis , golf football and rugby , cricket and childrens play areas.polbed drainage is light weight and easy to use, no gravel required so click together system make it efficient in every way for french drain , and retaining walls, keeps your foundations dry and free from any build up of trapped water or surface flooding.Designed with fully recycled polystyrene blown beeds to replicate 40mm gravel, the product gives 30% greater void ratio so any water can pass easily through and away from your property.
Very popular around older stone built properties were the damp proof coarse may well be of a slate base coarse work.
Church and barn conversions or building into a hill side and forming a retaining wall and french drainage system all in one easy fix.This product is also ideal for your rain water soakaways from gutter downspouts and because it is so lightweight and contains the 100mm land drain pipe the water can be diverted away form cracking paths etc which often happen around properties with know soakaway

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Size (3m Lengths)

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