MDC Mission Drain Coupling

mdc 115

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MDC Couplings 85mm - 100mm to 250mm -275mm

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MDC115 (MIN – 100mm) to (MAX – 115mm) width (100mm), MDC125 (MIN – 110mm) to (MAX – 125mm) width (100mm), MDC135 (MIN – 120mm) to (MAX – 135mm) width (120mm), MDC150 (MIN – 135mm) to (MAX – 150mm) width (150mm), MDC165 (MIN – 150mm) to (MAX – 165mm) width (150mm), MDC175 (MIN – 160mm) to (MAX – 175mm) width (120mm), MDC185 (MIN – 170mm) to (MAX – 185mm) width (120mm), MDC195 (MIN – 180mm) to (MAX – 195mm) width (120mm), MDC215 (MIN – 200mm) to (MAX – 215mm) width (150mm), MDC225 (MIN – 210mm) to (MAX – 225mm) width (150mm)


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