Plass4 Universal Connection


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fits any pipe to mdpe

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Product Description

with plass4 you can connect eg 25mm blue mdpe at the white end to

copper , galv, pvc , lead ,black alkathene and different sizes of PE pipe.

easy to use appliction requires no tools hand tighten to fit

the robust plasson plass4 77017 gives you a straight connection with no time lost and

as always plasson is tight on water.

all sizes available and also comes with the pipe insert and in a 90deg bend.

so give us a call bags of 10 receive extra discount.

Additional Information

Size MM x MM

25mmx15-22mm, 25mmx20-27mm, 25mmx27-35mm, 32mmx20-27mm, 32mmx27-35mm, 50mmx35-50mm


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