Polyagg Soakaway Kit

1mtr channel drain galve top 21mtr channel drain black 1110mm SS Sewer Pipe

£ 175.00 ex - VAT
£ 210.00 inc - VAT

Product Description

Polyagg Kit with Terram cover = £175.00   = 1.08 m3. = OVER 5 STORM CRATES + TERRAM

kit measures 0.6 x 0.6 x 3mtr long.  Artificial gravel soakaway. light and easy to use.

kit weight 15kg.

soakaway is made from recycled blown polystyrene beads and formed to 40mm gravel with a 30% greater void ratio this gives you a real easy soakaway .

this unit is recommended for use in rain water soakaway from your down pipes from your gutters or where land is sodden to create a void for the soakaway process to begin.

This compares too using : 5.5 Storm crates =£175 + £25 terram cover = £200  for the same  1.08m3.


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