Polyagg Retaining Wall Drainage

RETAIN WALLPOLYAGG SOAK 3000X600X600Fully Recycled Soakaway  (2)COMPACT SOAKAWAY  1.4M X 3M X 0.3M 1.26 CUBEuk flagpolyagg

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Product Description

This Polyagg is a type of soakaway, that has a great level of buoyancy, and is often used together with other products in order to offer additional aggregate, as well as a standalone soakaway for down spouts and for retaining walls, instead of crates. It is light and basic to use, available in 3 metre lengths, each 0.3 metres round, in many different quantities.

Each length will form a void underground, creating space in the same way a storm crate would, so that rain water is help before it runs off, offering a 150 litre capacity per each length. Each length weighs 5kg, and isPolyaggs can be stacked or laid side by side, and can be covered with terram and backfill. When compared with gravel, its use offers a 30% greater void ratio than gravel.

There are further considerations to make when thinking about its use. For example, if you back fill the Polyagg with 600mm of top soil, this will result in a 15% squash. Made to last, the Polyagg’s use for retaining wall drainage could see it being used for years to come, with a life expectancy of over 50 years. So, if you are searching for a Polyagg for retaining wall drainage or similar purposes, come to ASAP Septic Tanks.

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Size (3m Lengths)

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