Polybed Polysewer – (Drilled 110mm)

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Product Description

Polysewer - drilled 110mm pipe with geo for use in septic tank soakaway systems

a drilled pipe is often preferred as a slotted pipe could crack or break under the pressure of backfill materials.

recycled artificial 40mm garvel with 30% greater void ratio than standard gravel.

environmentally friendly and full building reg spec.for septic tanks treatment plants and soakaway systems and for use in retaining wall systems A1 , A2 A7 ,C1 C7 , H2 H3H7.

for use where any perforated pipe system needs to be installed.

terram cover can also be provided and all 110mm fittings

can also be priced in 160mm if required .

Additional Information

Size (3m Lengths)

1 Length, 2 Lengths, 3 Lengths, 4 Lengths, 5 Lengths, 6 Lengths, 7 Lengths, 8 Lengths, 9 Lengths, 10 Lengths, 11 Lengths, 12 Lengths, 13 Lengths, 14 Lengths, 15 Lengths, 16 Lengths, 17 Lengths, 18 Lengths, 19 Lengths, 20 Lengths


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