Reedbed – 6/12 pop

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reed bed soakaway modular System for 6 person or 12 person sewage treatment plant systems

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Product Description

A reed Bed is a natural filtration process to further enhance the quality of effluent discharged from a sewage treatment plant . water authority or environment agency often request these are installed in certain areas of the country, you must remember that you will also need a soakaway or outlet from the enclosed reed beds for periods of heavey rain or surface storm water.


Pre-Fabricated to take out the guess work G.R.P

Modular system comprising of individual beds:

6 Population= 2beds

12 Population= 4 beds

One piece GRP moulding installed flush to the ground

Reeds and GRP beds supplied. Washed pea gravel, 'growing' media by others (not included)

Provides rooting zone depth of 600mm (required by Phragmites Australis)

Modules designed with a hydraulic gradient across the length of the units.

Adjustable outlet weir allows water level control.

Additional Information

Population Equivalent

6, 12


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