Sample and distribution chambers 0.5m invert level


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Fits 110mm or 160mm

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  • Robust, sturdy polyethylene chamber STANDARD 500MM INVERT LEVEL.
  • Easy to transport, handle and install
  • Five blanked outlets allow on-site modifications  as required
  • Inlet grommet provides superior sealing between pipe & chamber
  • Solid wall and perforated pipes are socket jointed in compliance with regulations
  • Perforated pipe exceeds regulations with 1960mm² perforations per linear metre
  • Percolations are sized and spaced to ensure granular fill cannot enter pipe and effluent can flow easily
  • Watertight, heavy duty riser accommodates deeper invert requirements
  • The frame consists of 110mm height and tilt adjustable spigot
  • Secure cover in frame reduces risk of accident, injury or removal

Across the EU more than half a million septic tanks are awaiting inspection as part of recent changes to waste water legislation. And with recent RTE news reports claiming that over 50% of these tanks are failing, it’s vital that home builders and local authorities bring their water treatment systems up to the highest standard.   

Where discharge to a public sewer isn’t practical – the new Sampling and Distribution Chamber offers a gravity-fed distribution solution that meets these latest standards and provides long term protection for ground water.   

As part of an EU initiative to bring in adequate and timely septic tank inspections, the Irish Government launched its National Inspection Plan in 2013. But when over half of the first 400 tanks failed their first inspection – in a majority of cases as they hadn’t been desludged, properly operated or maintained – this highlighted a clear need for a nationwide upgrade.   

Specially developed for use in domestic treatment systems,and septic tank installs the Sampling and Distribution Chamber provides for the distribution of pre-treated sewerage effluent from domestic dwellings connected to a septic tank. The robust sturdy polyethylene chamber works by discharging fluid effluent through percolation pipes to an underground disposal area via infiltration trenches using perforated smooth innerwall 110mm and 160mm pipework EXAMPLE , POLYBED AND POLYSEWER soakaway systems ALL ON THIS WEBSITE.

The unit has been cleverly designed to integrate with other underground components to provide a complete Distribution System: 110mm solid wall single socketed pipe, Perforated Pipe,  315mm diameter Riser for deeper inverts and the height and tilt adjustable Frame and Cover for maintenance and inspection. you can fitt 110mm bends of any angle direct to the chamber to direct the perforated soakaway pipes in any direction that fitts your layout or garden design.

Always striving to push the envelope with exciting new products, the new Sampling and Distribution chambers meet all regulation across the nation, supplied nationwide daily with our septic tank and soakaway systems.

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