geotextile 100 x 4.5m wovenRainBloc 2RainBloc 1 crates

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Product Description


very strong durable and long lasting soakaway for your garden project or industrial storm water projects.
a typical three bed town house would use 4 of these to the rear and 4 to the front of the property connected straight up to your rainwater downspouts, the crates collect the water in the void space created and then slowly soak away into the soil.
on larger motorway projects or new supermarket builds exact calculations can be made as to how many crates would be needed.
attenuation systems where the flow of the out water can be calculateded need much larger holding areas for the surface water storage .your building inspector or architect will tell you how many cube you will need for an extension. you can calculate your roof area eg 50feet x 20feet = 1000sq feet x inches of rainfall.
so every 1 inch storm produces 624 gallons or 2777 ltrs of run off rain water, our storm crates hold 300ltr each.1 in 100year storm,
this is much more difficult to calculate as in this country this year we have had six of these events in the last twelve months.


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