Polybed Soakaway Kits (Suitable for Septic Tanks)

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Extra Lengths

Optional Extra Soakaway Lengths – 3m

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Product Description

Soakaway Kits - Suitable for Septic Tanks & Sewage Treatment Plants
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The sketch above is an example layout only , choose from the parts to design your layout for your property and land available . eg straight lines , herringbone pattern or legs off a chamber. please call with any questions .

  • ideal for use in restricted areas
  • extremely lightweight
  • delivered as complete ready-to-use units
  • quick installation
  • minimises disruption
  • eliminates need for gravel and heavy machinery
  • can be routed around established garden features

Protects the environment saves time and money

  • reduces your carbon footprint:
  • manufactured using 100% recycled materials
  • eliminates the need for the quarrying and transportation of aggregate – 1 x 3m length of Polybed equates to a quarter tonne of gravel
  • reduces site traffic – 1 truckload of Polybed is equivalent to 8 trucks of gravel
  • minimises the need for soil

cart-away convenient and easy to handle:

  • lightweight and flexible
  • supplied in pre-assembled units, easily joined with a rapid click fit connection
  • requires no specialist skills
  • ideal for use in restricted areas
  • ease of installation reduces Health and Safety risks


  • up to 4 times quicker to install
  • requires less labour and plant
  • reduces transportation costs
  • minimises stone and gravel usage
  • delivers quality performance:
  • controlled infiltration
  • consistent void ratio in excess of 30%
  • high flow capacity

Additional Information

Soakaway Kit Size

10 Lengths (1-2 Bed Property), 12 Lenths (3 Bed Property), 17 Lengths (4 Bed Property), 21 Lengths (5 Bed Property), 26 Lengths (6 Bed Property)


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