ALPHA CESSPOOL 2800l – 4600l. Free delivery

CD 705 KMD SEPTIC COVER AND FRAME110mm SS Sewer PipeTriple socket tee 110mm

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Product Description

  • Manufactured from GRP - strong, light chemically resistent and watertight.
  • Suitable for pea shingle gravel backfill for dry sites.
  • why not add a child proof lid to your tank ?.
  • add pipe work and fittings or manhole inspection chamber.
  • spherical cesspool are inlet only tanks and must be emptied when full
  • to calculate the size of tank , each person produces 180ltrs per day in a full time dwelling.
  • sizes are 2800,3800,or 4600ltr spherical cesspools
  • 2800l measures 2599mm high x 2075 bulb diameter and a 460mm wide neck with lid.
  • 3800l measures 1740mm high x 2075mm diameter and a 460mm neck and lid.
  • 4600l measures 2984mm high x 2084 diameter with 460mm wide neck and lid
  • please call or email us for a drawing and installation details
  • we recommend that cesspools must be concrete surround.


Additional Information

Size (Ltrs)

2800, 3800, 4600


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