10MTR X 90mm x 40mm coil Induct Insulated cold water protection ducting 10mtr coil

insulated duct 40 x 90mm
RubberEndCap_single_RGBmdpe inductwaste induct 1gas induct protectionrwh induct3513_Standard_Meter_Box

£ 218.00 ex - VAT
£ 261.60 inc - VAT

Product Description

insulate your cold water supply, with this flexible underground water pipe ducting.

ideal to fit from stop tap chamber outdoors to your internal supply.

fully sealed with its hard outer skin and frost protection, provided in cut lenghts of your choice .

can be used for all sorts of protection please see attached pic examples for mdpe, rwh,  waste etc etc.


90mm o/d and 40mm hole size.

push your pipe through the ducting and connect as normal.

all fittings and all pipes available

fits 20mm 25mm 32mm ,40mm MDPE.

fits 25mm and 32mm barrier pipe

immeadiate desptch or pick up in store, 10mtr coil


you should always use the appropriate marker tape when burying and pipe or cable.

ideal for dwellings or larger projects , holiday homes and lets, shepherds huts , tree houses , caravans, log cabins etc etc


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