YARD GULLY , silt trap and lid

B6300gully__48439_stdB6302steel lid to silt bucketB6301alloy silt bucket

£ 192.00 ex - VAT
£ 230.40 inc - VAT

Product Description

This product is ideal for back yards and patios, driveways, etc etc, this product acts as a minature silt trap separator , gully

Lets the rain and flood water disperse immediately, and with the alluminium silt trap it catches all leaves, sticks, mossy glumps, straw and numerous other amounts of debries.

the flat sides of the lid allow the use of block paving to edges.

the hinge lid grating allows you to clean out the trap with ease.

next day delivery , awesome piece of kit.

gully measures 600mm high and 300mm across with 110mm outlet.


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