sample and distribution chambers

here at asap septic tanks we aim to consontrate on the details of your project and make a full system that covers all bases from the tank, pipe work and sample and distribution chambers and the end soakaway products sample and distribution chambers are made from robust polyethylene and have one inlet point and five useable outlets which can be standard 110mm pipe fittings or converted to 160mm outlets with a 160 x 110mm rduce coupling.the sample and distribution chamber comes with the strong base a 315mm riser and a 315mm adlustable angled manhole cover and frame which is sealed to prevent effluent smells escaping.the introduction of the sample and distribution chamber to any new or existing system brings you in line with the current eu legislations where after random testing of properties throughout europe 50% were deemed to be in need of improvements on both water soakaways and effluent run off from septic tanks, the sample and distribution chamber means that every person can check there system easily and if in doubt the water authority can sample the run off as well.these sample and distribution chambers are also easy to fit into water coarse outlets and can be in turn fitted with conventional land drain products such as 100 x 100mtr land drain coils both for collecting water from high ground to a central sample and distribution and then releasing the water in different directions to avert unwanted flood water.

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